Lucien Frelin …since 1982

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Less clicky more doey! Use your keyboard or tap the edges of the screen to navigate. This portfolio site is built on top of the world famous WordPress platform and it uses a custom jQuery slide presentation UI.

web/ui work

This is a short list of recent web work. Majority of which utilizes WordPress as a CMS.

Plan and Post Facebook App – Plan and post allows you to schedule and plan facebook posts ahead of time.

Mobile Benz Service – Completed a very simple and functional site for a client on a tight budget. – Themed a wordpress site to match current album artwork and photography. – Complete build on wordpress platform for client. Showcases client management more then anything else. – Built a tablet based version of It utilizes media queries, html5, and css3. – Completed for a ‘Hackathon’ worked for 48 hours with a team of 5. I was responsible for the UI and Graphics.