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4BT Motor Mounts

There are two sides to the motor mounts. Engine side and frame side.  The engine side mounts came with the motor, I kept them when I removed the engine from the stepvan.

Note: There are two sets of  mount holes in the block. A set of three forward set holes and a set of four holes set in the middle of the motor. I used the forward set.

Here’s a pic of the motor mounts on the frame side.

4bt wrangler frame side mounts

4bt wrangler frame side motor mounts

motor mount

Passenger side motor mount

motor mount

Driver side motor mount

After about 4-8 hours of fab work fitting and pulling the motor in and out about 5 times I finally got it to a position I was happy with.

Here’s a few more pics of the mock-up process:

Mocking up the mounts

Here's the template process. I used cardboard to create a model to layout in 1/4" steel plate

Top view of mounts

Top view of mounts

side view of mounts

Side view of mounts

Lessons Learned

  • The engine side mounts are offset to allow the motor to have an 8° tilt. I offset my frame side mounts to account for this offset making the motor level once again.
  • I modified my passenger side upper control arm bracket to make room for the starter.
  • In order to use the SM465 I had to cut a considerable amount of the trans tunnel out of the cab of the jeep under the dash.. almost 10″.
  • I fabbed the mounts out of cardboard first and then built them out of metal.
  • Make sure you driveline is angle where you want it. Then mock up your mounts.
  • Here are the isolators I used: Anchor 2469 Front Left Mount
  • The slots for the mount bolts were drilled and cut later my slots were about 2.5-3″ long.

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